Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 405 Friday, Dec 31 2010 

Enjoy the waning hours of 2010, everyone!  While you are waiting for the ball to drop, check out this potpourri quiz. Have a safe holiday.

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Friday Lyric Quiz #405

1. “So time be a river, rolling into nowhere, I will live while I can, I will have my ever after” (late 80s)

2. “Forget what we’re told, before we get too old, show me a garden that’s bursting into life” (mid-2000s)

3. “Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, everybody needs a bosom” (late 90s) (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 404: Ho Ho Ho Edition Friday, Dec 24 2010 

Happy holidays for all who observe one of the December religious holidays; enjoy the break off from work for those who do not.  This is the first Christmas-themed quiz since the rebirth of my lyric quizzes so there are certainly some repeats from quizzes of Christmas past.  Some of the carols are traditional in nature; others are purely secular or pop tributes. Safe travels for all and best wishes for a peaceful holiday.

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Friday Lyric Quiz #404 – Bring us Good Tidings

1. “Bring me flesh, and bring me wine, bring me pine logs hither.”

2. “Gaily they ring, while people sing, songs of good cheer, Christmas is here”

3. “Please have snow and mistletoe, and presents on the tree.”


Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 403 Friday, Dec 17 2010 

Christmas is the most … stressful … time of the year!  I love it, but the card writing and party going and present buying really leaves time for little else other than sleep and regular chores. The week slipped away from me last week, leaving quiz-takers empty-handed.  For that I apologize, but it does mean the holiday-themed quiz now gets staggered forward to Christmas Eve.  Silver lining.

Today’s ten songs, meanwhile, are a hodgepodge.  Good luck, and enjoy the final weekend before the madness of Christmas.

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Friday Lyric Quiz – #403

1. “But if we get much closer I could lose control, and if your heart surrenders you’ll need me to hold” (early 80s)

2.  “Pulling on my past, burning on my brain, everyone that burns has to learn from the pain” (late 90s)

3.  “Looks like we’re in for nasty weather, one eye is taken for an eye” (late 60s) (more…)

The Tuesday Twelve: My Own Murtaugh List Tuesday, Dec 7 2010 

Hooray, the 90s party went off with nary a hitch.  Mr. Glib and I, six out-of-towners, and the city of Chicago at large seemed to survive our trip into a time of innocence and flannel. I had a great time staying up (way too) late, eating bad food, singing bad karaoke (what’s up, Destiny’s Child), and reflecting on the styling choices of one Brandon Walsh.  I was also, however, reminded of things left firmly in my own past.

Katy Perry, Ogden Nash, Jay-Z, and others may indeed be young forever, but I firmly accept that with age may not necessarily come better tastes or maturity, but will come a begrudging sense of responsibility that is supported by an enhanced desire for personal comfort and a decreased sense of patience.

On one legen…dary episode of How I Met Your Mother, the gang (who is incidentally supposed to be four years my junior) discussed their “Murtaugh List,” named after Danny Glover’s Lethal Weapon character who is prone to exclaim, “I’m getting too old for this sh*t.”  At 30, 35, and beyond, what have we outgrown?  For some of us (not me), it’s Taco Bell.  For others (also not me), it’s late bedtimes.  For me, it’s … well, these twelve things below, and a host of others.

12. Parties that include a keg of light/lite beer iced down in a bathtub. Even my youngster (25-ish) friends provide bottles and cans these days. We personally boast a kegerator, an unassuming refrigerated cabinet that houses two kegs of craft beers. Oh so classy.  And it doesn’t even need pumping.

11. Painful shoes when walking is on the agenda. I’ve invested in larger purses so that I can squirrel away tennis shoes or flip flops if I’m walking to a destination at which I’ll want heels.  I get there quicker and without blisters.  And who cares what I look like on the sidewalk outside, anyway?

10. NKOTBSB. Anyone – anyone! – in my high school graduating class knows how I loved the New Kids. I won’t get into how my obsession manifested itself. At 25 damn years old, I had a similar affection for the Backstreet Boys.  So you would think no one would be first in line for tickets to this nine-man monstrosity if not me. You would be wrong. I find the reunion touring a touch desperate, and while I applaud them for getting back out there to earn a living, they won’t be earning it from me.  Sorry, Joey Joe.  You’re still my favorite!


Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 402 Friday, Dec 3 2010 

Angela ChaseAs I’ve mentioned, I’m having a 90s-themed party this weekend.  Flannels. Slap bracelets (not really).  Snapple (nope). Nirvana (oh, hell yes).  Chokers (probably). And the rest of the world has caught on.  From Boyz II Men to Matchbox 20, the 90s generation has come back en vogue (HA!).  Even NKOTB and BSB are touring together, for God’s sake (but more on that later).

So today’s quiz brings you 10 number-one hits (number one in Billboard) from an underrated decade – one from each glorious year. Here we are now, entertain us.  No decade clues this quiz.  Duh.

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Friday Lyric Quiz – #401

1. “You said, you caught me ’cause you want me, and one day you’ll let me go”

2.  “You know ain’t nuttin change but my limp, can’t stop till I see my name on a blimp”

3.  “Well, I’ve seen love come, I’ve seen it shot down, I’ve seen it die in vain” (more…)