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The day the music (video) died

How long have people born in the 70s been complaining about the lack of music  on MTV?  At least since Dial MTV became TRL, and maybe even since Beavis and Butthead.  At least the cartoon revolved, somewhat, around music.  So today, the network delivered a slap in the face to all the fans of Martha Quinn and 120 Minutes. They ditched the misleading descriptive “music television” from their “MTV” logo.  At least they have stopped being polite and started getting real.

With this change, they are all-but admitting that they are not the network for Unplugged sets and new clips; they are the place for Snooki and RR/RW Challenges. With The Real World, they essentially spawned “reality” television as we know it, and that became the undoing of everything that used to define MTV.  The VJs.  The interviews with up-and-coming rock and rollers.  The world premiere of videos, which people actually cared about.  And even the raffish originality of The Real World imploded upon itself around Season 5, when the cast members were forced to work with each other, rather than continue their “real” outside life and just co-habitate with six other strangers.  Season 8 spawned the real first intra-cast hookup (Amaya and Colin, we hardly knew ye), and it was a downhill slog into hot-tubbing threesomes, alcohol abuse, and dumb guys throwing punches at the Dizzy Rooster.

Have I just gotten old, or has there been a palpable change in what constitutes “entertainment?”  Was the Thriller video not entertaining enough, we need to watch Parental Control and see a Dad try to pimp out his daughter while her boyfriend SITS RIGHT THERE?  What is wrong with people?  Even in the days when Britney was a virgin and Nick Carter was still lovable, there was a bit of attention focused on the music.

Do we need a new Nirvana to come shake shit up again?  Or will MTV as we knew it, with the moon man and the cheeky ads with Pat Benatar/The Who/The Police, be a relic that will never be resurrected?  Do we need a new channel entirely?  Oh yeah … that was called MTV2, and they fecked that up too (2).

“U2, and Blondie, and music still on MTV,”

Lucy Glib