Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 392 Friday, Sep 24 2010 

Happy Fall, everyone. How quickly time marches on.

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Friday Lyric Quiz – #392

1. “And I discovered that my castles stand, upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand” (late 00s)

2. “Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day, and head back to the Milky Way” (early 00s)

3. “Here we go, here we go, satellite radio, y’all getting hit with (boom, boom)” (late 00s) (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday – Number 387 Friday, Aug 20 2010 

Friday Lyriz QuizSome of you might not be a fan of this week’s theme – hey, I think I may be among you! But nevertheless, I try (usually in vain) to appeal to the masses. So today’s artists have in common the fact that they took country and made it appeal to the masses. All the songs below had massive “crossover” power, meaning they appeared on the same radio stations playing Rihanna (or Matchbox 20 … or The Kinks).

In other news, happy birthday to Mr. Glib (my husband) and Mr. maiden-name Glib (my Dad) and my high-school-and-beyond pal Sundial.  Busy weekend for cake and/or stamps.

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Friday Lyric Quiz – #387

1. “You’re one of those guys who likes to shine his machine, you make me take off my shoes before you let me get in” (late 90s)

2. “Some people look down on me, but I don’t give a rip. I’ll stand barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip” (mid-00s)

3. “Baby, when I met you, there was peace unknown.  I set out to get you with a fine tooth comb” (early 80s)


Day that Was … plagued by bad news on the aging celebrity front Tuesday, Jan 19 2010 

Conan still appears f*cked.  Rich and f*cked, but nonetheless.  Until FOX comes along (one hopes!)  NBC, I hope you are satisfied with yourself.  Even Emmy-queen Mariska Hargitay is annoyed with you.

Tiger is reportedly pulling a Duchovny and entering sex rehab.  Wow, how the mighty have fallen.  At least Dave has Californication to blame.

Pacey … I’m sorry, Peter Bishop … I mean, Joshua Jackson, continues to steal the hearts of millions with his sweet and seemingly sincere nature.  Diane Kruger has a fatwa on her head somewhere.

Jeff “Kinicki” Conway took a serious tumble and fears for his life.  Worse news?  Dr. Drew continues to “treat” him.  Worst news?  Jeff appears to still be with that codependent, marginally vampiric nightmare of a train wreck, Vikki.

And 2010 isn’t starting off great as far as the celebrity death toll is concerned.  Dennis Hopper, star of Easy Rider, Blue Velvet, Speed, and more (ahem … Super Mario Bros.) is battling late-stage prostate cancer.  And to ensure quality time with his children, he is divorcing his fifth wife.  Wait – what?

Idol is back tonight with auditions from Chicago.  Didn’t watch the Lambert-Allen-fest last year, but have to tune back in now that it’s Simon’s swan song.  So far from the first two nights, I’m digging Maddy (sweet 16-year old with the special-needs brothers), Jermaine (church-singing lad who cares for his sick Mom)  and Justin (Mormon cancer survivor).


Lucy Glib

Right. Friday, Jan 8 2010 

I have opinions on things, as does everyone.  Mine may or may not be more interesting than the average bear or great aunt.  When I have time and am not feeling lazy, I’ll post some of them here.


Lucy Glib