The Tuesday Twelve: Things For Which I’m Thankful Tuesday, Nov 23 2010 

Yesterday’s 65-degree weather notwithstanding, it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. So in a rare flash of optimism and goodwill, I thought I’d think quickly about what I’m thankful for.  Now of course I am grateful for my family, my relatively decent job, and my friends both new and old, near and far.

I’m glad I have shelter (that is lovelier than I deserve) and nightly food and drink. A closetful of clothes, warm snow boots, ample toothpaste, and all of that stuff that most people I know have without worry and take for granted.

But this list isn’t about all of those super-important things.  It’s about the little things in life I wouldn’t want to live without.  Here are the first 12 of many that crossed my mind.

12. Amazon prime. This was a “free trial” that I forgot to cancel but I have been rewarded by this flash of irresponsibility.  80 bucks a year gets us free two-day shipping on every order?  Such a deal. Comes in handy, well, almost always, but especially when a birthday gift is in danger of being late.

11. The Whole Foods deli. We are fortunate enough to have three grocery stores in walking distance.  The closest of these is Whole Foods, which is all of two blocks northeast. And although I love cooking, it’s nice to know that mere minutes away, is a truly amazing deli.  Six kinds of New York-style pizza, dozens of prepared salads, BBQ’d chicken breasts, enormous panini, sushi rolls. A great shortcut that doesn’t inspire too much guilt.



Wednesday-Night Dinner – Potato Pizza? Wednesday, Sep 29 2010 

In case you haven’t noticed (and by “you,” I mean my cousin and the two others of you who may stumble across this drivel every month or so), I haven’t decided what I want to do with my minuscule corner of the Internet.  Is it a blog about musical observations?  A pop-culture blog?  A  food blog?  An antics blog?  It’s really just my “self” blog, which is to say a random lottery of meaningless observations.  I’m a jill of all trades, master of none.  And this is perhaps why I haven’t been terribly devoted.  Well, that, and a job that is constantly in flux, a freelance gig, an ever-failing determination to work out, two book clubs, and travel in 8 of the last 10 weeks.


So tonight I had nothing going on after work (save an encouraging visit to eye doctor – another 10 years until I’ll need bifocals – yay?) and thought I’d try my hands at “homemade” pizza. My friends Nic & Cam downstate inspired me with their delicious-looking pictures on the Book of Face.  I didn’t make the crust … or the sauce … but I must still say, not a bad effort for a Wednesday night. Here was my experience, thrilling as it may be. (more…)

Salty or Sweet? Wednesday, Jul 28 2010 

Candy and Chips

Name your poison

I’m not talking about personality here, but rather what one craves when the snacking bug hits.  For some, it’s ice cream, brownies, or a Milky Way.  For others, it’s Doritos, Cheez-Its, and Chex Mix.  On a scale of 0 to 100, 0 being a marshmallow and 100 being an actual salt lick, I’m about a 96.  In fact, I had to get up from writing that last sentence to hunt down a salty snack.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have so much of the will power when it comes to the whole not snacking thing.  But today, I was able to quite easily turn down an offer of a free, luscious-looking cupcake from a new hip cupcakery.  My flavor of choice.  Had that cupcake been, instead, popcorn or even Saltines?  Much harder to refuse.

I’ve had a half-gallon of Breyer’s in my freezer, untouched, since February (should probably pitch that).  A bag of popchips from Whole Foods has been in my house for literally 90 minutes and is half devoured.

Some say this preference is because of genetics, but I have an entirely different theory … toilet training.  I’ve taking an informal survey, and while the results are certainly anecdotal at best, it appears as though toddlers rewarded with sweet snacks for a successful turn at the potty become sweet tooths.  My Mom saw the process more practically (rather than as a chance to reward me) so shoved pretzels down my throat so that, in the name of Cosmo Kramer, I would get thirsty quicker, drink more, and have more opportunities to practice my new skills.

Of course, this could all hearken back to genetics somehow … perhaps mothers and fathers use tricks of the trade that they themselves prefer.  If I ever decide to reproduce, my kids will have access to salty snacks way more than they have access to ice cream.

So are you a salty or a sweet?  And if it’s not too personal, what was your reward for a job well done in the bathroom?

At the Movies Saturday, Jan 9 2010 

Two sci-fi-heavy flicks in less than 24 hours.  Check the Nine Words or Less reviews for Star Trek and Avatar.

Avatar Poster

Photo Courtesy of James Whatley

Avatar, if I may say, was a bit preachy for my taste.  It had a bit of the Titanic “Capitalism … it’s bad” feel, with a nod to Native Americans, with a lot of creatures and impressive effects.  Not sure I’d see it again.  I will say my experience was lessened by the fact that I was sitting in a theater that was about 58 degrees next to a woman that kept sucking on her teeth and/or candy.  I got to one point, as I also did with District 9, that I felt like audibly saying, “We GET it, [James/Neill].  We are bad, thoughtless, heartless, corrupt, greedy people.  Can we get to the climax and resolution?”  It was a bit too on the nose, but then again, so was Titanic.  But this didn’t have Kate Winslet in beautiful dresses and Victor Garber acting stoic.

Also? Sam Worthington has the same acting flaw as Julian McMahon – inability to maintain an American accent for more than one sentence.  Distracting.  But a fun ride, and I’m glad we saw what the hype was all about.  Also glad we bucked up the extra cash for the 3D “experience.” Though $24 for a pair of matinee tickets?  Ouch.

And the previews reminded me that I fear I am tired of Tim Burton.  I appreciate that he has his own recognizable style and approach, but everything is so strikingly similar these days.  Johnny Depp is nutty!  Helena Bonham Carter is crazy!  Colors are vibrant!  Score is all kooky minor-key dissonance!  That said, his take on Alice in Wonderland should be interesting and entertaining.  I’d just like to see what he would do with a minimal budget and a subdued story.  Like Ed Wood, but with less maniacal Depp wandering around.

As Mr. Glib sits on the couch catching up on Dexter (thank God – have tried to keep him spoiler free for weeks now – I don’t watch, too depressing, but I read lots of Facebook updates), I defrost my bones and prepare for a nice evening at Piazza Bella.  Good Italian food, warming wine, and the company and comfort of old friends.  I’m thinking gnocchi or farfalle.  And now I’m thinking I need a snack.

Happy lazy weekend, folks.


Lucy Glib