Scream poster (altered)

Liver Alone!

No, not a magazine/newspaper article (Dewey Defeats Truman!) I mean article in the grammatical sense – The, A, An.  Specifically, The.  At work today, some of us were laughing over a former co-worker’s Facebook page, which lists just one favorite movie: The Gladiator. Key word being THE.  Now, I think Russell Crowe is overrated and I actually dozed off in the theater when seeing (The) Gladiator, but I still know the “The” is oddly misplaced.  So we were left to wonder … is there another movie called “THE Gladiator?”  As it turns out, yes.  From 1938.  But I’m pretty sure she just screwed up the title.

So what other movies would be laughably misnamed with the addition of a simple “The?”  Here’s a few … all of which could grammatically include an article (e.g., I’m not saying “The Raising Arizona” or “The Jerry Maguire”).

The Raging Bull
The Taxi Driver
The Citizen Kane
The Clerks
The Titanic
The Chariots of Fire
The Scream
The Network
The Crash
The Private Parts
The Toy Story
The Field of Dreams
The Caddyshack

What are some others?