Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 413 Friday, Feb 25 2011 

Two of my best girlfriends from Chicago are celebrating birthdays today, so what better time than the present for a quiz themed around friendship? All of the songs below – with one exception – contain the word “friend” or “friends” in the title. And most (if not all) of them are about the upside of friendship.  Cheers to all of my friends reading this today!

Friday Lyric Quiz #413

1. “People try to say I act a little funny, but that’s just a figure of speech to me” (early 90s)

2. “Everything’s allright, I’ll just say goodnight and I’ll show myself to the door” (early 90s)

3. “You’re still in bed at ten, and work began at 8” (mid-90s)  (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 412 Friday, Feb 18 2011 

Potpourri this week, spanning from the iconic hits of the 60s to the questionable pop successes of today.  Happy long weekend to those of you who have one ahead of you.

Friday Lyric Quiz #412

1. “Im a high life flyer and a rainbow rider A straight shootin son-of-a-gun” (early 70s)

2. “I know you don’t think that I am trying, I know you’re wearing thin down to the core” (late 2000s)

3. “I was alone, I never knew, what good love could do” (early 80s)  (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 411 Friday, Feb 11 2011 

So Valentine’s Day is upon us, but I already did a “love” theme back in October for my sister in law and brother in law’s wedding.  And not because I support this purely commercial holiday  but because February 14 will mark nine years since Mr. Glib and I laid eyes upon each other in the basement of a St. Louis karaoke bar, this quiz is devoted to matters of the “heart.”

Whether they be broken, full of joy, or beating furiously, hearts metaphorically drive our sense of love for one another.  So whether that’s a spouse, a best friend, or a family member, spend some time with a loved one this weekend.

Side note: Happy Lincoln’s birthday, tomorrow (what can I say, I went to elementary school in Illinois).

Friday Lyric Quiz #411

1. “I follow you around but you can’t see, too wrapped up in yourself to notice” (mid-80s)

2. “Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you” (late 90s)

3. “Cut myself on angel’s hair and baby’s breath” (early 90s)  (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 410 Friday, Feb 4 2011 

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

So Chicago got a little bit of snow this past week and I got exactly zero time off of work (but did get free lunch and breakfast, which was solid).  Thanks to the brave men and women of the CTA for getting me and my co-workers shuffled to work on time through the less-than-ideal conditions.  But even while the snow didn’t really impact my life, it is impacting my lyric quiz.  All of the songs below mention either “snow,” “blizzard,” or some such wintry conditions.

Keep warm, and happy Friday.

Got answers?  Send them my way.

Friday Lyric Quiz #410

1. “I had it made like a mountain range, with a snow-white pillow for my big fat head” (mid-80s)

2. “Cause I’m running on the bad side and I got my back to the wall” (mid-70s)

3. “Lost, in a snow-filled sky, we’ll make it all right” (early 90s) (more…)