From Treasure to Trash: My Prized CD Collection Thursday, Sep 23 2010 

Oh, how I miss you. Sort of.

Mr. Glib and I are nearing the end of a large-scale construction project. On our end, one of our responsibilities was unloading a pre-fab storage shed and sifting through everything before re-loading everything into a permanent storage structure. It was fun re-discovering high-school yearbooks, old photographs, and that Bundt pan I never could locate. Also re-opened? The proverbial Pandora’s box containing the ghosts of music past: 2-1/2 cardboard boxes full of compact discs. (Oddly enough, Aerosmith’s Pandora’s Box isn’t among my discs).

When I was in college, nothing in the tangible realm was more important to me than my CD collection.  Moving into the dorm, apartment, or sorority house each August, I would mount my CD racks on the wall and unload my collection – alphabetically of course – before I’d even make my bed or dust off my puffy-painted picture frames. Step two to every move-in was hooking up the CD player (and dual-cassette deck). A great portion of my allowance went toward CDs – new and used, popular and fringe. God, how I loved diving into a new set of liner notes and the feel of ripping off the cellophane and peeling off those annoying stickers. Remember when CDs used to come packaged in long rectangular cardboard boxes? Well, I used them as decorations.  I may still have the back side of Ugly Kid Joe’s “America’s Least Wanted” tucked in a folder somewhere. (more…)

Project. Project? Sunday, Feb 14 2010 

Watched Julie & Julia yesterday, and while it was cute, and praise-worthy, and made me want to eat meat again, and had me starving nearly to death by the final scene, it also made me inspired to do a blog project of my own.  After nearly 7-1/2 years, my lyric quizzes faded into the sunset last spring, so I have some time on my hands.  In a similar vein as Julie Powell, what if I were to devote 500 days (or so) to listening to Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time?  Listen to one a day or every couple of days, comment on what I think.  Would I be so devoted?  Would anyone care to hear my opinion?  Could any of the albums be more of a trainwreck than the new We Are the World?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then Sgt Pepper’s … here I come.

Oh … and happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.  Hope you are eating lots of fancy cheese.


Lucy Glib