My Next American Idol?

After taking the Lambert/Allen season off, I have returned to the Kodak Theater this year, as it is Simon’s last.  I know they are pimping out the girls for an ultimate winner, but I already have a dark horse for the Elliott-Yamin memorable spot.  You know, the guy who doesn’t get much airtime early on but ultimately has the voice to get some attention.  Bad facial hair and song choices notwithstanding, Lee Dewyze from Chicago is becoming one of my early favorites.

He doesn’t have the looks of Casey James, the cuddly appeal of “Big” Mike, the youth of three of these little a-holes whose names I can’t remember, the mullet of Alex Lambert, or the smooth pipes of Andrew Garcia, but he does have talent and earnestness.  And that took Elliott all the way to spot number 3.  Katharine Mc-WHO?

Of the girls, I like be-dreaded Crystal Bowersox and creepy-but-talented missing Deschanel sister Lilly Scott.  I think “They” want brunette Katie to win, but she is going to crash and burn soon enough.

Maybe once my euchre season is over, I’ll be able to blog Idol a bit.

Seacrest, out.

Lucy Glib