Wednesday-Night Dinner – Potato Pizza? Wednesday, Sep 29 2010 

In case you haven’t noticed (and by “you,” I mean my cousin and the two others of you who may stumble across this drivel every month or so), I haven’t decided what I want to do with my minuscule corner of the Internet.  Is it a blog about musical observations?  A pop-culture blog?  A  food blog?  An antics blog?  It’s really just my “self” blog, which is to say a random lottery of meaningless observations.  I’m a jill of all trades, master of none.  And this is perhaps why I haven’t been terribly devoted.  Well, that, and a job that is constantly in flux, a freelance gig, an ever-failing determination to work out, two book clubs, and travel in 8 of the last 10 weeks.


So tonight I had nothing going on after work (save an encouraging visit to eye doctor – another 10 years until I’ll need bifocals – yay?) and thought I’d try my hands at “homemade” pizza. My friends Nic & Cam downstate inspired me with their delicious-looking pictures on the Book of Face.  I didn’t make the crust … or the sauce … but I must still say, not a bad effort for a Wednesday night. Here was my experience, thrilling as it may be. (more…)

I’ve Been Had … by Mr. Wendal? Thursday, Jun 24 2010 

Today on my twice-weekly (sometimes … ahem … more) trip to Whole Foods, I think I succumbed to gullibility.  No, I didn’t opt for the organic walnuts over the regular ones.  But right by the meat counter, I was approached by a man who, while not poorly dressed, was missing teeth and was also clearly missing even a distant relationship with deodorant and/or soap and/or water.  He held a ragged brochure for a charity walk to combat Pancreatic Cancer; said walk is scheduled for this September.  He claimed he was trying to raise money and had lost a loved one to the disease.  Hmmm.  Written on the tattered paper were a few unintelligible first names and cash pledges – $20, $10, $5, etc.  I mentioned that I had very little cash, but gave him what I had (literally, $2).  He thanked me profusely and went on his way.

While I can’t imagine that Whole Foods management would tolerate solicitation of any kind within its walls (even if his “charity walk” story was on the up and up), there he was and there I was and I do believe I just gave $2 to a panhandler.  But I’m really okay with it.  That $2 would have gone toward lunchtime sushi or a post-work martini or something similarly frivolous, and I gotta give the guy credit for at least showing some ingenuity.  Tracking down a cancer-walk sponsorship form and developing a sob story … well played.Way better effort than the guys just shaking a Dunkin Donuts cup while chain smoking Marlboro Reds.

Unless of course everything  – the walk, the lost loved one, the pledges – WAS true and now instead of being gullible, I’m reverse-gullible, which is to say, totally jaded.