What a difference an article can make Wednesday, Jun 9 2010 

Scream poster (altered)

Liver Alone!

No, not a magazine/newspaper article (Dewey Defeats Truman!) I mean article in the grammatical sense – The, A, An.  Specifically, The.  At work today, some of us were laughing over a former co-worker’s Facebook page, which lists just one favorite movie: The Gladiator. Key word being THE.  Now, I think Russell Crowe is overrated and I actually dozed off in the theater when seeing (The) Gladiator, but I still know the “The” is oddly misplaced.  So we were left to wonder … is there another movie called “THE Gladiator?”  As it turns out, yes.  From 1938.  But I’m pretty sure she just screwed up the title.

So what other movies would be laughably misnamed with the addition of a simple “The?”  Here’s a few … all of which could grammatically include an article (e.g., I’m not saying “The Raising Arizona” or “The Jerry Maguire”).

The Raging Bull
The Taxi Driver
The Citizen Kane
The Clerks
The Titanic
The Chariots of Fire
The Scream
The Network
The Crash
The Private Parts
The Toy Story
The Field of Dreams
The Caddyshack

What are some others?


Whatcha watching? Sunday, Mar 21 2010 

Hungry, little fellow?

On a rare weekend with little to do, Mr. Glib and I watched a couple of movies, and then I watched a couple on my own.  Two new-ish ones (Precious-based-on-the-novel-Push-by-Sapphire and Bottle Shock) and two old-ish “horror” “classics” – Gremlins and Evil Dead II.

Check out NineWordsorLess.com for my succinct reviews.  But may I just say that Feldman was adorable in Gremlins, and it was probably the Michael-Jackson mimicry that did him in forever.  And until a few hours ago, I stupidly had no idea Spielberg or Judge Reinhold was involved.

As for Evil Dead, with 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the unyielding devotion of Rob and Barry (John Cusack and Jack Black, respectively) in High Fidelity, with a 7.8 on IMBD … I thought it was pretty much horrificly bad.  And not in a good, Grindhouse sort of way.  Like … it was monotonous and annoying to watch, until possibly the final two-minute “twist.”  But at least that one’s out of the way. Have I seen too many 28 Days Laters and Dawn of the Deads that I don’t appreciate the early genius?  Or am I just not in the right mood to take it all in?

Ahhh … Sunday night.  Gotta love it.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Sunday, Mar 14 2010 

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog

More Horrible than Barney Stinson

Admission of guilt: I just last week watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  I have no earthly idea why I didn’t watch this previously.  Conceived and produced during the 2007/2008 writers’ strike, this combines three of my favorite things:  the acting (and singing!) of Neil Patrick Harris, the arrogant mugging (and singing!) of Nathan Fillion, and the quirky storytelling of Joss Whedon. Throw, say, Tony Hale into the mix, and it would be a near-perfect custom blend of my own definition of awesome.

And I thought … it was weird.  Miraculously, I was spoiler-free heading into the 42-minute adventure, but it was not exactly what I was expecting.  I mean, a title like Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog leaves open endless possibilities, but what I envisioned in my head did not play out on the screen. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the side-splitting hilarity that I expected. Which I guess I should expect from the guy who scribed seven seasons of BtVS.

Speaking of Whedon – and of NPH – they are teaming up again when Joss directs an episode of Glee. Talk about a trifecta! Something to look forward to as I slog through the last 11 episodes (or as ABC says … “Only 9 episodes left … until the last 2 episodes”) of LOST.

Happy Sunday, y’all. And in other, bittersweet news, Corey Haim’s mother has the financial assistance she needs to pay for her son’s funeral. As my dear high-school friend Rashleigh said, “The thought of a pauper’s funeral made me sick to my stomach.”

At the Movies Saturday, Jan 9 2010 

Two sci-fi-heavy flicks in less than 24 hours.  Check the Nine Words or Less reviews for Star Trek and Avatar.

Avatar Poster

Photo Courtesy of James Whatley

Avatar, if I may say, was a bit preachy for my taste.  It had a bit of the Titanic “Capitalism … it’s bad” feel, with a nod to Native Americans, with a lot of creatures and impressive effects.  Not sure I’d see it again.  I will say my experience was lessened by the fact that I was sitting in a theater that was about 58 degrees next to a woman that kept sucking on her teeth and/or candy.  I got to one point, as I also did with District 9, that I felt like audibly saying, “We GET it, [James/Neill].  We are bad, thoughtless, heartless, corrupt, greedy people.  Can we get to the climax and resolution?”  It was a bit too on the nose, but then again, so was Titanic.  But this didn’t have Kate Winslet in beautiful dresses and Victor Garber acting stoic.

Also? Sam Worthington has the same acting flaw as Julian McMahon – inability to maintain an American accent for more than one sentence.  Distracting.  But a fun ride, and I’m glad we saw what the hype was all about.  Also glad we bucked up the extra cash for the 3D “experience.” Though $24 for a pair of matinee tickets?  Ouch.

And the previews reminded me that I fear I am tired of Tim Burton.  I appreciate that he has his own recognizable style and approach, but everything is so strikingly similar these days.  Johnny Depp is nutty!  Helena Bonham Carter is crazy!  Colors are vibrant!  Score is all kooky minor-key dissonance!  That said, his take on Alice in Wonderland should be interesting and entertaining.  I’d just like to see what he would do with a minimal budget and a subdued story.  Like Ed Wood, but with less maniacal Depp wandering around.

As Mr. Glib sits on the couch catching up on Dexter (thank God – have tried to keep him spoiler free for weeks now – I don’t watch, too depressing, but I read lots of Facebook updates), I defrost my bones and prepare for a nice evening at Piazza Bella.  Good Italian food, warming wine, and the company and comfort of old friends.  I’m thinking gnocchi or farfalle.  And now I’m thinking I need a snack.

Happy lazy weekend, folks.


Lucy Glib