Whatcha watching? Sunday, Mar 21 2010 

Hungry, little fellow?

On a rare weekend with little to do, Mr. Glib and I watched a couple of movies, and then I watched a couple on my own.  Two new-ish ones (Precious-based-on-the-novel-Push-by-Sapphire and Bottle Shock) and two old-ish “horror” “classics” – Gremlins and Evil Dead II.

Check out NineWordsorLess.com for my succinct reviews.  But may I just say that Feldman was adorable in Gremlins, and it was probably the Michael-Jackson mimicry that did him in forever.  And until a few hours ago, I stupidly had no idea Spielberg or Judge Reinhold was involved.

As for Evil Dead, with 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the unyielding devotion of Rob and Barry (John Cusack and Jack Black, respectively) in High Fidelity, with a 7.8 on IMBD … I thought it was pretty much horrificly bad.  And not in a good, Grindhouse sort of way.  Like … it was monotonous and annoying to watch, until possibly the final two-minute “twist.”  But at least that one’s out of the way. Have I seen too many 28 Days Laters and Dawn of the Deads that I don’t appreciate the early genius?  Or am I just not in the right mood to take it all in?

Ahhh … Sunday night.  Gotta love it.


Eggert Addendum Thursday, Mar 11 2010 

Larry King, ever the competent and sensitive journalist, spent 40 minutes on The Haimster last night, including time with distraught but stoic Feldman (hair: circa 1986) and Nicole Eggert.  Nicole looked … unlike herself.  Or unlike any human being I’ve ever seen.

This girl, once a fresh-freshed natural beauty, was the envy of most girls born between 1972 and 1979.  She got to hang out with the Coreys, was engaged to Haim, spent time with Scott Baio (and, more importantly, with Willie Ames), and was ogled for years in her red lifeguard suit.  What’s not to love?

That time saving lives on the beach wrecked havoc on the poor girl’s skin.  Now she’s barely recognizable as herself, and indistinguishable from, say, a Real Housewife (small or large “R” and “H”), a Malibu real-estate agent, or Jenny McCarthy if she hadn’t been rescued by Jim Carrey.

It’s a sad day for children of the 80s indeed.  I just need to go look at Rob Lowe and Demi Moore for a while to remember that great things are still possible.

Nicole Eggert