Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 429 The “Get Used To It!” Edition Friday, Jun 24 2011 

My most loyal lyric-quiz reader, RJ, pointed out that I didn’t supply the answers for the week of June 10th.  Yikes.  I’m glad someone was paying attention. They are attached at the bottom below last week’s answers, or should I say (answers).

It’s another theme this week to celebrate gay pride weekend across the world.  All of today’s artists include at least one member who is openly LGBT.  Cheers to all!

Friday Lyric Quiz #429

1. “What religion or reason could drive a man to forsake his lover” (late 80s)

2.  “She’s into new sensations, new kicks in the candlelight” (late 90s)

3.  “I need you in my blood I am forsaking all the rest”  (mid-90s) (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday – Number 428 – The “I Wanna Hold You In Parentheses” Edition Friday, Jun 17 2011 

Parentheses are the better-known cousin of the em dash.  They imply something that is worth stating (but not quite as worth stating as the non-parenthetical text).  Or they add an extra element of information – one that you are only supposed to sort of care about.

So what makes a songwriter decide that part of the title – the TITLE, the very identity of a song – is second to another part?  Maybe because it’s an alternate title entirely.  Maybe it’s a marketing ploy when the parenthetical phrase is more recognizable than its counterpart?  Am I talking about grammar and philosophy?  Let’s get to the quiz.  Ten song titles, all of which have parenthetical elements.

Friday Lyric Quiz #428

1. “Getting sold second hand, that’s how it goes playing in a band” (mid-70s)

2.  “And when the money, comes in for the work I do, I’ll pass almost every penny on to you” (early 90s)

3.  “Don’t step out of this house if that’s the clothes you’re gonna wear”  (mid-80s) (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 427 – The SPF 70 Edition Friday, Jun 10 2011 

Hi friends – it’s off to hang out with the high-school group of BFFs today – thanks to JPJK for being the generous and enthusiastic host. Think The Big Chill without the Vietnam undertones, the infidelity, the death, or the kid in the bathtub.  So basically, think dancing around in a kitchen and drinking.  So that’s what’s new with me – here’s 10 random lyrics for you.

Friday Lyric Quiz #427

1. “Check the mirror, looking fly, round up my posse, jump in my ride” (late 80s)

2. “I’m putting on my shades to cover up my eyes, I’m jumpin’ in my ride, I’m heading out tonight” (early 2010s)

3. “On the ice blue line of insanity Is a place most never see” (early 80s) (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 426 – The Apple Pucker Edition Friday, Jun 3 2011 

“What’s with these homies dissing my girl?”  A greater first line in music has never been written.  As for Weezer, it was all downhill from there. First lines are fun, though.  They set the stage of irony, earnestness, or ridiculousness. Here’s to some great first lines in rock history!  This may be the easiest lyric quiz you take … until the next first-line lyric quiz.

Friday Lyric Quiz #426

1. “You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you” (early 80s)

2. “Well it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready now go, cat, go” (mid- 50s)

3. “Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years” (early 90s)

4. “I guess I shoulda known by the way you parked your car sideways that it wouldn’t last” (early 80s)

5. “Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street” (late 70s)

6. “I may not always love you, but long as there are stars above you'” (mid-60s)

7. “Could you whisper in my ear, the things you wanna feel” (late 90s)

8. “I, I will be king. And you, you will be queen.” (late 70s)

9. “The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload” (early 80s)

10. “Friday night I crashed your party, Saturday I said I’m sorry” (early 80s)

Answers, Friday Lyric Quiz #425

1. “I’m living for the only thing I know, I’m running and not quite sure where to go” (early 2000s)
Hanging By a Moment, Lifehouse

2. “Rocking in the dance hall moving with you dancing in the night in the middle of June” (late 2000s)
Say Hey (I Love You), Michael Franti

3. “Cause you feel like paradise, and I need a vacation tonight” (early 2010s)
Hold It Against Me, Britney Spears

4. “Wanna put my arms around you, feel your breath in my ear, you can bend me, you can break me but you’d better stand clear” (early 80s)
Crumblin Down, John Cougar Mellencamp

5. “Alone between the sheets, only brings exasperation” (early 80s)
Overkill, Men at Work

6. “You’ve got the most unbelievable blue eyes I’ve ever seen. You’ve got me almost melting away'” (mid-90s)
I Love You Always Forever, Donna Lewis

7. “I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed ’cause you broke all your promises” (early 2010s)
Jar of Hearts, Christina Perri

8. “You’ve got a new horizon it’s ephemeral style. A melancholy town where we never smile.” (mid-2000s)
Feel Good Inc., Gorillaz

9. “You can tell from the lines on her face, you can see that she’s been there” (late 80s)
Another Day in Paradise, Phil Collins

10. “What did you expect to find – was there something you left behind?” (early 2000s)
Hemorrhage (In My Hands), Fuel