Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 417 Friday, Mar 25 2011 

A few months ago, I had a two-part series on songs containing men’s names (Part 1 is here).  It’s only fair that I continue the theme with women’s names, and man were there a lot of songs written for an artist’s girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, unrequited love, or Mom throughout the rock and roll era.

Some of the best around come from before the 80s, so all of the songs below are 1955 through 1979.  But even you youngsters are bound to have heard of a bunch of them.

Happy Friday!

Friday Lyric Quiz #417

1. “Whatta-we gonna tell our friends when they say, ‘ooh la la'” (late 50s)

2. “She saw the look in his eyes, and she knew better, he wanted her tonight and it was now or never” (late 70s)

3. “I got up to wash my face when I come back to bed someone’s taken my place” (early 70s) (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 416 Friday, Mar 18 2011 

How was everyone’s St. Patrick’s weekend and/or day?  Full of Cranberries and Pogues music, I hope.  In lieu of an Irish-themed quiz, which I’ll tackle next year, the lyrics below, as usual on the off-week, are a random assortment. When it comes to lyric quizzes, folks, do you prefer themes?  Do they make things easier?  Or do you like the variety.  Or is anyone even reading… appreciate any feedback you might have!  Thanks!

Friday Lyric Quiz #416

1. “Tell me that your body doesn’t miss my touch, tell me that my loving didn’t mean that much” (early 90s)

2. “All I wanna take is a night, you’ll never ever have to compromise” (early 80s)

3. “You’ve got the body, now you want my soul” (early 80s) (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 415 Friday, Mar 11 2011 

Clocks are springing forward and the puffy coats are back in the closet; spring is on its way!  And with spring comes the exciting conclusion of college basketball, otherwise known as the NCAA tournament, otherwise known as “March Madness,” otherwise known as the time of the year when more Americans technically gamble (a work brackets pool is gambling, folks!).  Yes, that fun time of year is here, and Sunday is Selection Sunday.

One of my newer quiz readers suggested a lyric quiz theme to go along with this topic. And no, the clues below don’t include the Aaron Carter “smash,” How I Beat Shaq.  It’s far simpler than that  — the lyric snippets below come from songs with “crazy” or “mad” in the title. Have fun, and choose your brackets wisely.

Friday Lyric Quiz #415

1. “In a world full of people, only some want to fly” (early 90s)

2. “Where was my head, where was my heart?  Now I cry alone in the dark” (late 90s)

3. “My friends called today, down from L.A., they were shooting pool all night, sleeping half the day” (early 90s) (more…)

Lyric Quiz Friday, Number 414 Friday, Mar 4 2011 

Happy Friday everyone!  If anyone has themes for next week or beyond, comment here or email me.  Good luck, everyone!

Friday Lyric Quiz #414

1. “She is like a cat in the dark and then she is the darkness” (mid-70s)

2. “It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you, wishing I realized what I had when you were mine” (early 2010s)

3. “You`ve been thinking,  and I’ve been drinking, we both know that it`s just not right” (mid-80s) (more…)