I used to work for a blog called megasizzle.com, but unfortunately my blogging partner and I quickly lost interest.  Even more unfortunately, the blog was pulled out of cyberspace unceremoniously before I could archive it. I kept a column there called “The Tuesday Twelve,” which was just a silly list of whatever was on my mind that particular week. Since those lists are nowhere to be found, maybe I’ll try and create some of them here.

Today’s list is not a rerun. I recently finished Open by Andre Agassi.  I’ve always been a fan since mono kept me inside watching Wimbledon in 1992 while my family was out hiking and white-water rafting in the Smoky Mountains (I was actually okay with the break). This book took my appreciation to new levels.  While I know it wasn’t actually Andre sitting alone with a laptop pouring out his deepest secrets and desires (he had writing “help” from The Tender Bar’s JR Moehringer), he opted to narrate said secrets.  He opted to be, as the title implies, completely open.

One anecdote that is equal parts hysterical and tragic is one particular tennis tournament where Andre was less worried about losing than he was about his fans and the press finding out he was losing his hair.  For years, his trademark mane hadn’t been his at all … the devil-may-care rebel had been wearing a synthetic piece. As is obvious by his current appearance, Agassi eventually got over it and adopted an equally if not more attractive shaved-head look. So in honor of his decision against vanity, here’s the first Tuesday Twelve – Twelve guys who are notably attractive despite being follicly challenged.  Where’s Vin Diesel, you ask? Not a fan. Who needs him.

12. Anthony Edwards.

Anthony Edwards

He played a likable nerd, a tragedy-stricken fighter pilot (spoiler alert!), a tragedy-stricken ER doc, and for one brief shining moment, one of the In Cold Blood killers. He’s beginning to emerge from a slow period these days and here’s hoping he still has nice bone structure.

11.Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson

Who knew cute, aw-shucks little Woody Boyd would grow up to be a multiple Oscar nominee and an environmental spokesperson, allthewhile maintaining a set of kick-ass guns? Me. Okay, maybe not me. My heart was always for Norm.

10. Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence

Whoa!  Okay, so he looked better with hair. And he’s really almost TOO bald – no five o’clock shadow potential there, buddy?  But I’d rather look at a bald Joey than a coiffed Ian Ziering any day.  Am I right, people?