So I took last week off as we had guests in town and I failed to plan. So this week I bring you 20 lyrics to guess, but there’s a catch.  There are 20 different songs quoted below, but only 10 titles.  So the songs are in scattered pairs, such as Love Song (The Cure and Tesla) only not that example, because what fun would that be?  Have fun, everyone, and try to stay cool.

Friday Lyric Quiz #432

1.  “Who’s gonna plug their ears when you scream?” (mid-80s)

2. “Here we go again, I feel the chemicals kicking in” (early 2010s)

3.  “I want you to notice when I’m not around” (early 90s) 

4.  “And the one poor child that saved this world and there’s 10 million more who probably could” (mid-2000s)

5.  “Close my eyes, she’s somehow closer now.  Softly smile, I know she must be kind” (mid-60s)

6.  “We’ve been down that road before, but that’s over now, you keep me coming back for more” (mid-80s)

7.  “No one can change your life except for you” (early 90s)

8. “Hey kids, shake a leg, maybe you’re crazy in the head” (early 90s)

9.  “We can party on the positive side, and pump positive vibes, so come along for the ride” (early 90s)

10.  “We’ll create the cure, we made the disease” (mid-90s)

11. “Cry wolf, given mouth to mouth.  Like a moving heartbeat, in the witching hour” (late 80s)

12. “Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream” (mid-80s)

13. “I’m faded, flat busted, been jaded, I been dusted” (late 90s)

14. “Give him love every day, remember he needs space, be patient and he’ll give his heart to you” (early 90s)

15. “See the factory that I worked [sic] silhouetted in the back” (late 80s)

16. “We lied about each other’s drinking, we lived without each other thinking” (early 80s)

17. “And I wrote two hundred letters I will never send” (early 2010s)

18. “We’re heading for something, somewhere I’ve never been” (early 90s)

19. “I’ll keep giving loving till the day he pushes me away” (mid-90s)

20. “There goes my baby, there goes my heart.  They’re gone forever, so far apart (early 60s)

Answers, Friday Lyric Quiz #431

1. “Feels so good to be bad, not worth the aftermath, after that” (late 2000s)
Makes Me Wonder, Maroon 5

2. “I rather rage than sit around and wait all day. Don’t get me wrong, I just need some time to play-ay” (early 2010s)
What the Hell, Avril Lavigne

3. “Talking to herself there`s no one else who needs to know” (mid-90s)
Better Man, Pearl Jam

4. “We spent the summer with the top rolled down, wished ever after would be like this”(late 80s)
I Remember You, Skid Row

5. “They say bad things happen for a reason, but no wise words gonna stop the bleeding” (late 2000s)
Breakeven, The Script

6. “Turning and returning to some secret place inside” (mid-80s)
Take My Breath Away, Berlin

7. “Something so deceiving, when you stop believing, turn me around again” (late 90s)
Every Morning, Sugar Ray

8. “Buildings with a hundred floors, swinging around revolving doors” (mid-2000s)
Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson

9. “If I’m dreaming don’t wanna laugh, hurt my feelings but that’s the path” (late 2000s)
Better in Time, Leona Lewis

10. “Well the kids don’t eat and the dog can’t sleep, there’s no escape from the music in the whole damn street” (mid-70s)
Squeezebox, The Who