Friends and readers – happy long weekend to the large majority of you who are cruising into the Memorial Day holiday.  One wouldn’t know it, of course, with these unseasonably cool temperatures blanketing most of the nation.  Since you may be staying indoors for part of the weekend, take the lyric quiz.  It’s a potpourri.

Friday Lyric Quiz #425

1. “I’m living for the only thing I know, I’m running and not quite sure where to go” (early 2000s)

2. “Rocking in the dance hall moving with you dancing in the night in the middle of June” (late 2000s)

3. “Cause you feel like paradise, and I need a vacation tonight” (early 2010s)

4. “Wanna put my arms around you, feel your breath in my ear, you can bend me, you can break me but you’d better stand clear” (early 80s)

5. “Alone between the sheets, only brings exasperation” (early 80s)

6. “You’ve got the most unbelievable blue eyes I’ve ever seen. You’ve got me almost melting away'” (mid-90s)

7. “I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed ’cause you broke all your promises” (early 2010s)

8. “You’ve got a new horizon it’s ephemeral style. A melancholy town where we never smile.” (mid-2000s)

9. “You can tell from the lines on her face, you can see that she’s been there” (late 80s)

10. “What did you expect to find – was there something you left behind?” (early 2000s)

Answers, Friday Lyric Quiz #424

1. “But then you let me down, when I look around Baby, you just cant be found” (mid-80s)
Borderline, Madonna

2. “You’ve had enough of two-hand touch You want it rough , you’re out of bounds” (early 2000s)
The Bad Touch, Bloodhound Gang

3. “I won’t be leaving your side,  we’re gonna dance through the night, I’m gonna reach for the stars” (late 90s)
Bailamos, Enrique Iglesias

4. “Asking only workman’s wages I come looking for a job, but I get no offers” (late 60s)
The Boxer, Simon & Garfunkel

5. “Grasping to control … so I better hold on” (mid-90s)
Basketcase, Green Day

6. “So you start thinkin’, then ya start blinkin’, a bridesmaid looks and thinks that you’re winkin'” (late 80s)
Bust a Move, Young MC

7. “And I go on as you get colder, or are you someone’s prayer” (late 90s)
Black Balloon, Goo Goo Dolls

8. “Give away a few Mercedes like, ‘here lady have this,’ and last but not least grant somebody their last wish” (early 2010s)
Billionaire, Travie McCoy (f Bruno Mars)

9. “But I’ve got the power, and I’ve got the will, I’m not a charity case” (late 70s)
Blue Collar Man, Styx

10. “I feel fine and I feel good, I’m feeling like I never should” (mid-80s)
Blue Monday, New Order