Greetings, people of earth!  Thanks for participating in last week’s baseball-themed quiz.  It just may have brought my Cardinals some fleeting luck. Have fun with today’s choices, which include some of my favorites and some which randomly spun on my Pandora over the last few days.

Friday Lyric Quiz #421

1. “Sitting around the house, watching the sun trace shadows on the floor” (mid-90s)

2. “Two by two and side by side, love’s gonna find you, yes, it is, you just can’t hide” (early 80s)

3. “Ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side” (late 2000s)

4. “I’m just another heart in need of rescue, waiting on love’s sweet charity “ (late 80s)

5. “Up, up here we go, go, where we stop nobody knows” (early 2010s)

6. “Things are getting worse – we have to make them better. It’s time to give a damn, let’s work together” (late 80s)

7. “Listen, lady, can’t you see, baby, you would bury me” (late 70s)

8. “Do you like my stupid hair? Would you guess that I didn’t know what to wear?” (early 2000s)

9. “But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear, tells me, I may never see you again” (early 70s)

10. “Satisfying baby, let me show you what I`m made of “ (late 90s)

Answers, Friday Lyric Quiz #420

1. “Swingin’ to the left and swingin’ to the right, I think about baseball, swing all night” (early 90s)
Cherry Pie, Warrant

2. “I had a friend was a big baseball player, back in high school” (mid-80s)
Glory Days, Bruce Springsteen

3. “We got the bases loaded, home run, power play. Tonight’s the night we’re going all the way” (early 90s)
There Will Never Be Another Tonight, Bryan Adams

4. “Climb a long tall hickory bend it over, skinning cats. Playing baseball with chert rocks, using sawbill slabs for bats” (early 80s)
Mountain Music, Alabama

5. “I want a brand-new house on an episode of Cribs and a bathtub I can play baseball in” (mid-90s)
Rock Star, Nickelback

6. “Well I spent some time in the Mudville Nine, watching it from the bench” (mid-80s)
Centerfield, John Fogerty

7. “There’s the wind-up and there it is, a line shot up the middle – look at him go, this boy can really fly“(late 70s)
Paradise By the Dashboard Lights, Meat Loaf

8. “Two, three, the count with nobody on, he hit a high fly into the stand ” (mid-50s)
Brown Eyed Handsome Man, Chuck Berry

9. “Says it doesn’t matter, bases are loaded and Casey’s at bat” (early 70s)
Rocky Mountain Way, Joe Walsh

10. “Empty lake, empty streets, the sun goes down alone” (mid-80s)
The Boys of  Summer, Don Henley