In case you haven’t noticed (and by “you,” I mean my cousin and the two others of you who may stumble across this drivel every month or so), I haven’t decided what I want to do with my minuscule corner of the Internet.  Is it a blog about musical observations?  A pop-culture blog?  A  food blog?  An antics blog?  It’s really just my “self” blog, which is to say a random lottery of meaningless observations.  I’m a jill of all trades, master of none.  And this is perhaps why I haven’t been terribly devoted.  Well, that, and a job that is constantly in flux, a freelance gig, an ever-failing determination to work out, two book clubs, and travel in 8 of the last 10 weeks.


So tonight I had nothing going on after work (save an encouraging visit to eye doctor – another 10 years until I’ll need bifocals – yay?) and thought I’d try my hands at “homemade” pizza. My friends Nic & Cam downstate inspired me with their delicious-looking pictures on the Book of Face.  I didn’t make the crust … or the sauce … but I must still say, not a bad effort for a Wednesday night. Here was my experience, thrilling as it may be.

First – got the surface area ready.  I’m always a bit ooged out about rolling out dough directly on the counter, so I thought I’d try rolling on the pizza stone itself.  Pampered Chef pizza stone … bought it in 2003 and it only gets better with age.

Next, the rolling efforts.  Made easy by my silicone rolling pin – not sure what brand or when I bought it, but damn does it not stick to anything. Magda would be so proud of me.

Roll Out

Not bad.  Looks a bit like Baby Stewie’s head, but round enough given my various shortcomings.

Some tomato sauce, courtesy of the grocery store around the corner, a/k/a Whole Foods.  I go there far too often.

Toppings time!  Some salami for Mr. Glib’s side of the pizza, basil, goat cheese, mushrooms … and in the back there, some fingerling potatoes. I had a mashed-potato pizza on my 23rd birthday in downtown Cincinnati.  It was starchy heaven.  The restaurant closed shortly thereafter.  And whenever I see the potato/pizza combo, I gotta have it.  Also, I said “finger.”

I thought it wise to parboil them, and the extra slices gave us a bonus mini-side dish.

Bonus tip: putting mushrooms in a brown paper bag (before they are washed) preserves them.  Keeps them from getting slimy, or, alternatively, drying up in a wrinkly and unsettling fashion.

Few more grinds of black pepper, and it’s good to pop into the oven.

Simple Romaine/tomato salad with some balsamic, and we’re good to go.  Even better?  I typed this up while the pie was in the oven.  Two birds, one stone.

What’s your favorite easy weeknight dinner that nonetheless is tasty, semi-healthy, and fun to make?