So back in April, 2001 – good God, that’s nine years ago – I began a silly little game. Every Friday, I sent out snippets of song lyrics from 15 different songs. Just to my close friends.  Just a “lyric quiz” of songs from the past 21 years (since 1980 … yes, that would now be the past 30 years, for those keeping score).

The distro list grew.  Friends of friends got added, as did strangers.  I began posting the quizzes to my old blog, and traffic would spike (relatively speaking, of course) on Fridays.  I started adding themes (“Songs with Girls’ Names,” “Bands With Bald Singers,” “Songs with Animals in the Title”).  And then!  BAM!  Book deal.  Revenue-banking web site. A spot on VH1 I Mother-F*cking HEART the 90s!  Well, so none of that last part is true, as it turns out.  In actuality, I was faithful and loyal to the project for eight years and quit, quite unceremoniously, last March.  I felt out of touch with the music of today (as I’ve noted here previously), I was slammed at work, no one was “playing along” with the quizzes anymore, and it had become more of a burden than a hobby.

And yet, I miss doing them. While certainly not an original idea, it was my unoriginal idea, and it was something people expected from me (even though I heard nary a complaint when I stopped sending them).  So what better place to reinvent them than here, my blog that five people read?  Spread the wealth, Lucy.  SPREAD the WEALTH! But I’m not going to overextend myself – I’ll do 10 quips a week, instead of five, and for all of my anonymous readers out there, I’ll mix in (not on Fridays) snippets from an old quiz – a classic rewind, if you will.

To kick-start things off, here is the first quiz I ever did. On April 17, 2001.  I hope you enjoy taking these quizzes as much as I enjoy creating them (did that sound sincere?  It was supposed to).

1. “I laid by the ocean making love to her”

2. “You’ll love it just like Lyle”

3. “I don’t wanna be rude at all, I just wanna be where you go”

4. “I just flipped off President George”

5. “The time was 6:00 on the Swatch watch”

6. “Like gasoline you wanna pump me”

7. “What you give to me takes my breath away”

8. “I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen”

9. “The Salvation Army band played, and the children drank lemonade”

10. “What do you expect, the guy’s a gigolo, man”

11. “Pleasures remain, so does the pain”

12. “You just took for granted that I’d want to skinny dip”

13. “Hormones racing at the speed of light”

14. “So many nights I’ve laid in bed excited over you”

15. “With brown cocoa skin and curly black hair”